Tim and Crystal Decker opened Smoky Mountain Bakers and Wood Fired Pizza in Roan Mountain, Tennessee in 2009. Family owned and operated, the couple took their artisan approach (refined for over a decade at their bakery in northern California) to create mouthwatering baked goods.  Operating out of a renovated barn built in the mid-1900’s at the back of their property, Tim and Crystal offer a variety of specialty pastries made from scratch and fresh artisan breads and pizzas cooked in their wood fired brick oven, which was built by Tim with help from his sons and family friends.  


Tim Decker

Tim Decker has been baking bread for over 35 years.  Tim is recognized internationally for his skill in European style artisan breads.  He has trained several apprentices from around the world in his craft.  In addition, he has received numerous awards and been featured in several publications pertaining to the art of bread making.  The only thing that runs deeper than his passion for bread making is his passion for music.  Tim is a very talented musician and can often be heard jamming above the bakery with his band The Roan Crows.  He has passed on his deep passion for bread making and music to his youngest son, Anton.  

Crystal Decker

Crystal Decker is an award winning pastry chef. Born and raised in Orange County, California she has been practicing her craft for over 30 years.  Crystal met Tim when they both worked at Sonoma Inn, fell in love and were married in 1987.  Together they started Bennett Valley Bread in 1999.  Hard working and dedicated to her family and love for baking Crystal has raised three boys and managed to run the business aspect of the bakery for years.  In 2009 they decided to relocate to the beautiful mountains of Tennessee where she has continued to bake delicious pastries and other baked goods for the business.  One of her most requested items is the Appalachian Fruit Cakes. (available around the holidays only). 

Anton Decker

Anton Decker is the youngest son of Tim and Crystal and shares his father’s deep passion for bread making and music.  Anton has worked in both family owned bakeries throughout his life.  He has recently began learning all the aspects of bread and pastry making from Tim and Crystal and is well on his way to becoming another master baker.  Currently he holds to record of 11 pizzas at one time in the wood fired oven.  Anton is a skilled song writer and musician.  His band, Hawk Baby, along with The Roan Crows can often be heard supporting the local community through fundraisers and venues.  He also plays the saxophone.